Craig’s Story, Your Story!

20 Sep

Many children have been adopted into their families. Everyone has their own unique and beautiful adoption story. Craig learns that he’s been adopted into the Winston family and realizes that the love he and his family share for one another is the most important thing in life.

What are your adoption stories? How does your family express and share your wonderful story?


Take a Look at Craig

1 Sep

Check out some new drawings of Craig and friends!

Craig loves to hike!

Craig and his sisters Emily and Kate

A New Craig Story!

13 Aug

A new story is being written as we speak! In this next story, Craig meets a new friend and learns about autism. Craig also encounters a bully and learns how to handle bullying.

Stay tuned for more information!

Craig Comes to A Bookstore Near You!

7 Jun

“The Story of Craig Winston: An Adopted Bear” written by Susanne Breckwoldt, Ph.D., is gaining popularity. Dr. Breckwoldt will be reading her story on Saturday, June 26th at Acorns Bookshop, located on Washington Avenue in Tenafly, New Jersey.

Acorns Bookshop, a children’s bookstore and Bergen County treasure, will be hosting Susanne Breckwoldt, Ph.D. for a reading of her newly published children’s book “The Story of Craig Winston: An Adopted Bear.” The reading is opened to all children who wish to attend and will be held at 12 noon on Saturday, June 26th.

It will be a great chance for children and parents to connect with Craig and hear his story brought to life!

Children Learning About Adoption

14 Apr

There are many ways that children find out that they have been adopted. How this information is handled comes with many questions and concerns for parents and educators alike.

“The Story of Craig Winston: An Adopted Bear” introduces Craig, who finds out accidentally that he has been adopted. In this illustrated book of fiction for children in grade levels K through 3, a discussion guide accompanies the text to assist children in exploring adoption. The reader follows Craig on his journey for answers and understanding.

Do you think that having a relatable fiction character like Craig the bear can help children deal with the complexities of adoption? Comments welcome!

A Closer Look at Craig

22 Mar
“His name was Craig Winston. At least that was the name that he had been given…”

And so begins the story of Craig Winston, the beloved green colored bear that is just about to turn six years old. Craig is part of a loving and colorful family. He has a fun and comfortable life and things leading up to his sixth birthday couldn’t be more normal.

When Craig overhears his grandparents discussing the surprising fact that he is adopted, his entire world is shaken. Craig begins questioning his appearance, his parents’ love, and even his place and stability within the family.

Craig is a sensitive child. He is curious about the new information of being an adoptee and also frightened of his parents finding out that he knows. Craig’s choice to search for his birth parents is fueled by this curiosity without thought of circumstance. His need for answers and clarity lead him to befriend Ben and the two adoptees begin their search for Craig’s personal truth.

Craig is a beacon for adopted children everywhere. Children can identify with Craig’s curiosity, his swirl of emotions surrounding this new perspective on life and feel comforted by his journey.

If you know an adoptee or parent of an adopted child who could use Craig’s support and camaraderie in their life, please share his story!

The Story of Craig Winston

8 Feb

Craig Winston, the green bear, is quickly winning over the hearts of everyone who comes to know him! In his debut, Craig appears in the children’s book: “The Story of Craig Winston: An Adopted Bear. ” The story finds Craig feeling stunned and confused when he accidentally overhears his parents telling his Grandma and Grandpa that he has been adopted! Craig, together with the help of his best buddy Ben, tries to come to terms with this shocking discovery. Published in July 2009 by Author House, the book is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and local booksellers. The author, Susanne Breckwoldt, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist. Illustrations are by Allen Donahue. The book is accompanied by a set of discussion sections, written by Dr. Samuel Feinberg.